Q: How do I schedule an appointment? 
A: Simply click any BOOK NOW button on our website, answer a few quick questions about your condition, and select your preferred appointment date and time.
Q: What information will you need for us to schedule an appointment? 
A: When scheduling an appointment online, you will be asked standard questions like your name, date of birth, and other demographic information. Please have your insurance card or credit card available to complete your payment online.
Q: Do I need to complete intake forms? 
A: Yes. You will need complete initial forms about your current health issue, past and surgical history before your first appointment. Please complete these forms accurately, honestly, and in its entirety as this will only be shared with your provider. Your previous medical history can determine the effectiveness of the diagnosis and treatments prescribed during your visit. Remember your visit and records are 100% confidential.
Q: Do my parents need to know about my appointment? 
A: No. We do not notify your parents or anyone else about your appointment. We also do not disclose your medical records or visit information to anyone unless you authorize the release of this information. Campus Medical is 100% confidential.
Q: What if my parents call and ask if I had an appointment? 
A: As healthcare providers, we fully comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and patient privacy laws. We will only release patient information to the patient, that is the law unless a medical release is completed. Your name, your records, and/or treatments are safe with Campus Medical.
Q: Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment? 
A: Yes. We ask that you make every effort to notify us at least 1 hour before your appointment. This will allow us time for another patient to be seen. Habitual missed appointments may result in dismissal from using our services.
Q: Is there an extra fee for after-hours or weekends? 
A: No. Any services requiring additional charges will be disclosed in advance.
Q: Can my appointment be on my cellphone? 
A: Yes. You will receive a text link and/or email that takes you directly into your secure appointment. Ensure you are in a quiet, private location before starting your appointment. You can access your appointment from your phone, tablet, and/or computer.
Q: What is a Patient Portal? 
A: After signing up for your appointment, a FREE patient portal account will be created. Your username will be your email and you will create a secure password. Your patient portal holds all your medical records, results, and account information with Campus Medical. You can view and print all records within your patient portal 24 hours a day.
Q: How do I log in to my Patient Portal? 
A: Located on the homepage of www.campusmedical.com simply click the PATIENT PORTAL link located on the top of the website.
Your username will be your email and you created your secure password when you made your first appointment. If you forget your username and/or password, you have the option to reset it online.


Q: Will you bill my insurance? 
A: Yes. Simply provide your insurance card when scheduling your appointment, we will bill all medical services and treatment to your insurance carrier as an in-network or out-of-network provider.
Q: Do you accept Student Accident Health Insurance? 
A: Simply provide your insurance card when scheduling your appointment, we can check eligibility to determine if your is covered in-network, out-of-network provider, or if you will be self-pay (no insurance) before your visit.
Q: What if my medical does not cover my bill? 
A: You will receive a patient responsibility letter informing you of any balances not paid by your insurance. If required, you will have the option to pay outstanding balances online. We also offer convenient payment plans to those who qualify. You may contact our billing partner, Sudaco Physician Solutions, if you have questions about a bill you’ve received at (866) 428-5267 Monday-Friday 8 am- 4:00 pm (EST).
Q: If I don’t have insurance, how much do I pay? 
A: Uninsured students will pay only $55.00 to be seen by a provider. This price includes the same visit type as patients with insurance, unlike other companies. In addition, the $55.00 visit fee includes your first prescription. Many treatments require only one prescription. Subsequent prescriptions are $10.00 each. Additional prescription fees can be paid within 30 days after the initial visit. Our goal is to get you treated ASAP.
Q: How do I make payments? 
A: All payments can be made on our website in your patient portal. Payment can also be made by calling our office during business hours.


Q: What if I have life-threatening symptoms? 
A: Campus Medical is designed to treat NON-EMERGENT medical conditions. If you feel your condition is life-threatening, you require treatment immediately, and/or you feel like you could die, please call 911 or report to the nearest emergency room now.
Q: Do my parents need to know about my appointment? 
A: No. We do not notify your parents or anyone else about your appointment. We also do not disclose your medical records or visit information to anyone unless you authorize the release of this information. Campus Medical is 100% confidential.
Q: What if I need treatment for a service not listed? 
A: You have the option to schedule a phone consult. Please add specific details about your health issues, remember we are 100% confidential. Before your visit with a provider, if we require more information, one of our team members will contact you directly.
Q: How do I get my prescriptions? 
A: You will enter your preferred prescription information when completing your online booking. During your visit, you will receive your diagnosis, and plan of care. If prescriptions are required, they will be sent to your preferred pharmacy during the call for your pickup. Ineligible regions, mail order prescriptions may be sent directly to you within 24-48 hours.
Q: Do you treat sexually transmitted diseases?
A: Yes. During your secure visit, your provider will assess your symptoms and determine your appropriate diagnosis.

Please note: Your provider may also request lab testing services; however, treatment will be provided the same day.

Q: Will my visit be with a doctor or nurse? 
A: Campus Medical has a team of providers handpicked to meet the needs of students. We understand the challenges of student life. Our team is comprised of board-certified Medical Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses. Unlike other companies, your office visit will always be with a medical provider.
Q: Can I come to one of your offices for my visit? 
A: Yes. Before coming to our office, you must book online, as most conditions are designed to be treated virtually. Your provider will determine the need to send you to one of our offices or participating partners. When booking your appointment, you may also register a phone consult if you would like.
Q: Can you perform lab testing? 
A: Yes. Lab testing may be performed in our office or participating offices, with one of our hundreds of lab partners nationwide, or sent to your location. Once received your test results will be loaded into your Patient Portal. If abnormal, our healthcare team will contact you directly. Campus Medical is pleased to be introducing mobile services beginning Spring/Summer 2022 as accessibility is our mission.

With Insurance

$0 After Copay

The Campus Medical services are covered by most major insurers. We will check your coverage availability once you book your appointment. If covered, you are responsible for your copay, which you can pay online or pay later. Campus Medical will bill your insurance for a medical office visit, not an ER visit, saving you thousands.

Without Insurance

$55 Visit Fee No Insurance? High Deductible? No Problem!

Campus Medical offers a simplified way for our patients to receive healthcare with low, easy payments

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