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Campus Medical LLC was founded by an emergency room provider who saw the need to offer medical care support to students nationwide. Our team is comprised of Board-certified Physicians, Advanced Care Providers, Nurses, support staff, and student ambassadors here to support your health care needs anytime, nationwide. We value our diverse and inclusive team with expertise in a wide variety of medical specialties. Our confidential “listening ear” and commitment to delivering top-rated healthcare is a shared goal amongst our team.

We all have college experiences and recognize going away to college can be a stressful yet rewarding experience. Our team understands that some situations are too embarrassing to share with your parents or peers. Many parents and students alike do not consider the need to discuss a medical plan of action prior to leaving for college.

Think of Campus Medical as the bridge between your childhood Pediatrician and future Adult Doctor while in college.
We are here for you.

We are always seeking passionate and dedicated people to

With Insurance

$0 After Copay

The Campus Medical services are covered by most major insurers. We will check your coverage availability once you book your appointment. If covered, you are responsible for your copay, which you can pay online or pay later. Campus Medical will bill your insurance for a medical office visit, not an ER visit, saving you thousands.

Without Insurance

$55 Visit Fee No Insurance? High Deductible? No Problem!

Campus Medical offers a simplified way for our patients to receive healthcare with low, easy payments

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