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Founded in 2021, Campus Medical identified that many students do not have access to medical care while away at school. This became more apparent during the Covid19 Pandemic when some students felt abandoned with no medical resources. Onsite Campus Health Centers are overcrowded, same day visits are limited, no evening and weekend coverage, leaving students with no choice than to go to the Emergency Room.

Other telehealth companies exist, none addressing the specific needs of college students. In addition, many of these services charge high “cash only” fees for a visit, without considering many students are still on their parents’ health insurance policies. 

Campus Medical identified a need to support Campus Health and Emergency rooms by helping to reduce the burden on these care settings nationwide. We offer medical solutions for non-acute and non-life-threatening services without having to leave your dorm room. We accept most major health insurance plans, reducing the need to pay out of pocket, and we send any prescriptions to your pharmacy nationwide for no additional charge. In addition, we offer lab testing with our mobile care team that will come to you, mail order testing, or we can arrange to send you to a nearby lab.

Campus Medical is highly accessible. Students can use their phone, tablet, and computer to book an appointment online from their location, seeing our providers in less than 2 hours, 7 days weekly, 24 hours a day. 

Campus Medical will help you survive college!

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Transforming student medical care by offering convenient health and wellness support and providing peace of mind to students and their parents while away in college.


To be the leading healthcare provider of college students, providing accessible and affordable medical services nationwide.

With Insurance

$0 After Copay

The Campus Medical services are covered by most major insurers. We will check your coverage availability once you book your appointment. If covered, you are responsible for your copay, which you can pay online or pay later. Campus Medical will bill your insurance for a medical office visit, not an ER visit, saving you thousands.

Without Insurance

$55 Visit Fee No Insurance? High Deductible? No Problem!

Campus Medical offers a simplified way for our patients to receive healthcare with low, easy payments

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